WSS 1040 and WSS 1060 Wearable Scanning Systems

Breakthrough Technology and Ergonomics Revolutionize Workplace Productivity

The WSS 1040 and WSS 1060 Scanning Systems from Symbol Technologies help users achieve new levels of productivity and accuracy while advanced ergonomics make them easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Scanning, portable computing and wireless networking can now be performed while the user's hands remain totally free. Plus, the WSS 1040 and WSS 1060 systems represent breakthroughs in miniaturization, performance and data transmission. These new capabilities can increase productivity and ease of use in warehousing, transportation/logistics, manufacturing, retailing and other industries including e-commerce.

Put a Scanner and Computer Between Your Index Finger and Forearm

The WSS 1040 and WSS 1060 systems comprise two components–a scanner and wearable wrist computer. The RS 1 Ring Scanner is worn on the index finger. It is activated by pointing the finger at the bar code while pressing the thumb against a trigger. The RS 1 Ring Scanner is the smallest wearable laser scanner in the world, weighing only 1.7 oz./48 gm and just 0.9 in./23 mm high. It is ideal for scanning bar codes at distances of up to 2 ft./0.6m. The WS 1000-LR long-range scanner is worn on the back of the hand and reads bar codes on pallets at distances of up to 25 ft./7.6 m.

The WWC 1040 and WWC 1060 computers are worn on the forearm and include a CPU, display, keyboard, battery pack and Spectrum24® wireless communications. The WWC 1040 uses Spectrum24 1 Mbps wireless LAN communications, enabling you to transmit and receive data wirelessly – extending your network reach to the point of activity. The WWC 1060 features Spectrum24 High Rate with 11 Mbps throughput. Designed to IEEE 802.11b interoperability standards for next-generation direct sequence wireless LANs, Spectrum24 High Rate delivers data transmissions of up to 11 Mbps–that's more than five times faster than standard wireless LANs. But Symbol didn't stop at defined standards: super-smart algorithms, advanced mobility and security features, and much more combine to bring you the best in high-speed wireless LAN technology and services.

No Compromising on Performance

Both the WSS 1040 and WSS 1060 Scanning Systems have been engineered to perform flawlessly. The RS 1 Ring Scanner features a rugged and reliable laser scanner that scans quickly and accurately – even if bar codes are damaged or poorly printed. Its tiny scan engine permits a low-profile design, allowing it to avoid most bumps and knocks – but it has a scratch-resistant coating on the window just in case.

The WWC 1040 and WWC 1060 wrist computers offer powerful information gathering, processing and communications performance, yet are easy to use. They feature a programmable keyboard and backlit display, both optimally positioned for effortless keypad input and viewing, even in dimly lit environments. They weigh just 11.3 oz./316 gm and are powered by a long-lasting lithium ion battery. The ring scanner and computer are connected via an unobtrusive, lightweight cable.

Symbol's design engineers thoroughly tested these Wearable Scanning Systems, putting them through more than 40,000 user test hours with active customer participation. The result is maximum comfort and flexibility plus proven performance.

The RS 1 Ring Scanner fits fingers of all sizes and is reversible, allowing it to adapt equally well for right- and left-handed users. The lightweight wearable wrist computers adapt to fit every wrist. Both the ring scanner and wrist computer mount to straps that stay with each operator, eliminating worries about hygiene. Safety is not a concern because the ring breaks away under 20 lbs./9kg of pressure.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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