Click to enlargeUniversal Program Generator (UPG)

Rapid Application Development
Save time and money when developing applications for your DOS-based portable data terminal using the Universal Program Generator (UPG) from PSC.

Simple, Yet Powerful
UPG operates within a 32-bit Windows-based graphical programming environment. UPG is simple enough for non-programmers to use, yet offers the features, functionality, and power to develop advanced applications. UPG provides non-programmers step-by-step instructions and settings via an on-line tutorial, enabling the novice programmer to learn tool usage and programming techniques. Programmers will find that UPG simplifies complex tasks such as validation and data manipulation.

Advanced Features
Advanced features include C' code hooks, attachment of custom libraries and functions, direct serial port access, program licensing to specific portables, capabilities for removing data, and storing or displaying data as required. When programming in a multi-platform/multilingual environment, UPG even allows you to adjust your program to fit the screen sizes found between different portables within the same module.

UPG Features:

  • Supports the PSC Falcon and a variety of other DOS portables
  • Reusable tools for enhanced productivity
  • Keyed file access for fast look-ups
  • Integrated compiler
  • Compatible with Microsoft and Borland compilers
  • Conditional branching
  • Extensive validation features
  • Advanced data manipulation capabilities, including parsing
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports multiple screen sizes
  • Code hooks for embedded developer source code
  • Built-in spell checker

  • With UPG you can:

  • create complex programs in minutes,
  • reuse objects between programs,
  • develop one program to run on different portables,
  • and insert your own C code for ultimate flexibility.

  • Demo UPG
    See for yourself how UPG can benefit your portable data collection environment. Download our free, full working development system UPG demo or call us today for more information. (The demo cannot compile programs into an executable format).

    UPG Runtime License

  • Per site license (host PC) to program and communicate with unlimited portables (hardware security key on host PC)

  • UPG Support
    The Universal Program Generator offers one free incident of support, limited to use of the program only (no "C" code support and no free application development support).

    Annual maintenance contracts and incident packages are available through PSC resellers at the time of purchase or directly from PSC.

  • Incident package: This support package includes five incidents but does not include free upgrades.
  • Standard Maintenance Contract: Toll free support for program use only and free upgrades.
  • Premium Maintenance Contract: Toll free support for program use and free upgrades. Ten hours of application development included.

  • Availability: Usually ships the same business day.



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