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Epson TM-U200 Impact Receipt Printer

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The TM-U200 family offers a receipt printer that is compact, reliable, and comes in two different colors to blend with any atmosphere. It also boasts a multitude of user-friendly features including an Auto Status Back (ASB), journal take-up, and receipt cutter. The TM-U200 series is in wide use as the POS standard printer for the general retail, restaurant kitchen and hospitality markets.The standard POS printer model is more powerful than ever.

Compact, Fast and Reliable
The TM-U200 series has been equipped with numerous features that maximize ease-of-use, including drop-in roll paper loading, an Auto Status Back function, an autocutter (Type A and B), and a journal take-up device (Type A). Not only do these easy-to-use features save time, they also make employee training fast and efficient.

Flexible, and with a Multitude of Applications
Two-color printing, in black and red. Freely adjustable paper-loading pitch. A nearly universal ESC/ POSÒ-compliant control code that enables customization of receipts by users. EPSON OCX driver support. The flexibility of the TM-U200 series makes it easy to develop original POS application software without spending a lot of time and money. The auto status back function automatically transmits changes in the printer status.

Easy to Exchange the Roll Paper
The new Type A model is equipped with a take-up device. It has also been developed to enable easy removal of journal paper. These improvements make the task of exchanging paper even faster and easier.

TM-U200 Specifications

Print Method 9-pin, serial impact dot matrix

Print Font 7 x 9 / 9 x 9

Column capacity 40 or 42 columns / 33 or 35 columns

Character size 1.24 x 3.1 mm (W x H) / 1.56 x 3.1 mm (W x H) {0.049 x 0.122" / 0.061 x 0.122"}

Character set 95 Alphanumeric, 32 International, 128 x 8 Graphics Traditional / Simple Chinese, Thai, Japanese (Type A)

Print Speed Approx. 3.5 lps (40 columns, 16 cpi) / Approx. 6.4 lps (16 columns, 16 cpi)

Data Buffer 1 KB or 40 bytes

Interfaces RS-232C / Bi-directional parallel / RS-485 / Connect-ItÔ*

Paper 76 ± 0.5 x diameter 83 mm {2.99 ± 0.02 x diameter 3.27"} (roll)

Paper Thickness 0.06 to 0.085 mm {0.0024 to 0.0033"}

Copy Capability One original and two copies for Type D; one original and one copy for other models

Inked Ribbon ERC-38 (purple, black, black / red)

Ribbon Life Purple: 4,000,000 characters, Black: 3,000,000 characters, B/R: 1,500,000 characters (black) 750,000 characters (red)

Power Supply AC adapter (included), PS-170 (option)

Power Consumption Approx. 43 W average

D.K.D. Function 2 drivers

Reliability MTBF 180,000 hours,MCBF 18,000,000 lines

Overall Dimensions Type A: 160 x 295 x 160 mm (W x D x H) {6.30 x 11.61 x 6.30"}
Type B: 160 x 248 x 150 mm (W x D x H) {6.30 x 9.76 x 5.91"}
Type D: 160 x 248 x 133 mm (W x D x H) {6.30 x 9.76 x 5.24"}

Mass Type A and B: Approx. 2.5 kg {5.51 lb}
Type D: Approx. 2.2 kg {4.85 lb}

EMI Standards VCCI class A, FCC class A, CE marking, AS/NZS 3548

Safety Standards UL, CSA, EN60950

Inch values are approximate. cpi: characters per 25.4 mm (characters per inch) lps: lines per second

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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