Click to enlargeSCANTEAM® 8300 MICR Check Reader

The SCANTEAM® 8300 product line is a family of check reader products with various interface and decoding capabilities. All versions utilize a magnetic MICR read head and include a host system interface port. Versions of the product are available which support the direct connection to POS terminal I/O Ports, integrated bar coded document reading, numerous keyboard wedge interfaces, hand held scanner decoding, integrated magnetic stripe reader, and auxiliary RS-232 I/O ports. All ST8300 products contain FLASH memory which allows for easy firmware upgrades in the field without the need to disassemble the product. The ST8300 products provide multiple options in meeting the data capture needs of retail and financial transaction systems.

The ST8300 may be ordered with options which provide an integrated triple track mag stripe reader, a bar code scanner port, and two RS-232 ports for future peripherals, such as PIN Pads or a Signature Capture Pad. The ST8300 is compatible with hundreds of POS and teller systems through the built in interface/wedge controller. The ST8300 typically operates from +5 volt or +12 volt power from the host device and does not require external power pack or connector blocks.

Whats New A bar code port is now standard on all 8300 models. The check feeding operation has been improved to make it easier to feed damaged checks.

  • Motorized Paper Transport
  • Integrated Interface Wedge Controller
  • Compact Size
  • Autodiscriminates E13-B and CMC-7 MICR Fonts
  • Laser/CCD/Wand Scanner Port
  • Integrated MICR/Bar Code Reader
  • Benefits
  • Quick, easy check handling, and a high first pass good read rate.
  • Compatibility with hundreds of PC, POS, and teller systems through keyboard wedge interface.
  • Small size provides maximum flexibility and easy integration
  • No action is required to differentiate E-13B from CMC-7. Checks are automatically read as they are presented.
  • Hand held bar code scanning can be quickly added to any application.
  • Provides motorized MICR check and bar code reading in on one compact device. Perfect for payment processing applications.

  • Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

    8300-4112$259.00Interface Barcode Decoder Port MSR Power Supply Cable


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