PSC Program Generator

PSC Program Generator (PPG) takes the programming out of programming. With PPG and a PSC PT 2000 or TopGun portable, you can begin tracking inventory within hours, not weeks, saving time and money. PPG allows you to design customized data collection applications for PSC PT 2000 and TopGun portables by simply creating, filling in and linking dialog boxes. Running in a Microsoft Windows environment, PPG uses a graphical user interface (GUI) and a mouse. Once you've created your application program, PPG automatically compiles it into the format needed for the portable. There's no difficult programming language to learn.

How PPG Works
It's simple. Using pull down menus, you select the "buildingblocks" -- frames and nodes -- you need to create and label a flowchart of your data collection tasks. Frames group nodes into a logical sequence for each data collection task; nodes customize the data collection sequence, format and style within each frame.You simply point, click and drag the mouse from one frame or node to another to create the application .

Frames and nodes can be created, edited and linked in any sequence to fit your data collection needs. You can quickly modify your application as your work environment changes. You have complete control from start to finish.

A subroutine contains nodes that execute program steps, very much like a frame. The difference is that a subroutine contains functions that can be referenced within any of the program frames. Rather than repeating the nodes for each frame, you can put them in a subroutine on the Frames level and then use a Call node to reference the subroutine.

Now all you need to do is install your application into your portable. Once that's done, you're ready to collect data.

You will find that both PPG and your PSC portable are extremely powerful, yet simple to use. Their unmatched performance can dramatically increase your bottom line. Count on it!

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