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$836.00Receipt Printer Interface:  Qty:
Receipt printer, POS Platform™ Cash drawer, Pole Display and Barcode reader

This bundle has everything you will need to star selling today while saving precious counter space, just add any of our Point of Sale software or use with your existing one and you'll be selling like the pro's...
The bundle includes:

  • 1 Epson TM-U200B Parallel, Serial or USB Receipt Dot Matrix Printer w/Paper Cutter
    Parallel P/N:C237411, Serial P/N:C236411, USB P/N:CC236958
  • 1 MMF POS Platform™ System 18.81"x22.00" Printer Driven Cash Drawer w/Platform
  • 1 Interface Cable for MMF POS Platform™ to Epson Receipt Printer
  • 1 Metrologic MS-9520 Voyager® Laser HandHeld Scanner - Keyboard Wedge
  • 1 Logic Controls PD-3000 2x20 Green Fluorescent Pole Display - Serial 9Pin Female
  • 1 6' Bidirectional Parallel, 6' RS-232 9Pin Female or 6' USB Cable
    Parallel P/N:PCM-1100-06, Serial P/N:PCM-1970-06, USB P/N:USB-1000-06


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