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Download Demo ~19MB

LiquorPOSis a Liquor Store Software designed specifically for your retail liquor store. The point-of-sale, reporting and management functions of the system are customized in ways that will make your time more productive, your paperwork more manageable and your business more successful. Automating your business is one of the largest single investments you make as a liquor store owner. We'd like to help you understand just how fast LiquorPOS can begin saving you money (and time) and increasing your profits!

At first, as you are involved in setting up the system and entering your inventory, it may seem as though you are spending MORE time than with your manual register. However, this time is an important investment in getting the most out of your LiquorPOS. The more information correctly input to the system, the more information it can provide you!

Once the setup is complete, you'll begin to see immediate results in your store.

Maximize Sales, Maximize Profits. Not a Single Opportunity Lost!

  • Never again run to check a price. It’s all there at the register – pricing, quantity, and deposit data.

  • Detailed, professional receipts generated instantly.

  • Produce promotional materials and customer lists – even the mailing labels.

Recognize Special Customers. Keep them Coming Back for More!

  • Reward your best customers: implement discount incentive programs.

  • House accounts, complete with preferences, and comprehensive monthly billing statements enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Purchase history tracking helps you focus your sales efforts.

  • Personalized bar-coded cards enable automatic processing of pre-authorized discounts.

  • Access and print drink recipes – over 1,000 provided free!

Tracking on Demand. With Knowledge Comes Power!

  • Track sales by brand, type, department, distributor, or date.

  • Assess costs and profit margins in seconds.

  • Track bottle, keg, and tap deposits.

  • Document employee sales performance.

Fully Automated Inventory Management. Never a Day Late or a Dollar Short!

  • Free 12,000-item database makes start-up a snap!

  • Barcode scanning of manufacturers’ UPC codes ensures accurate processing.

  • Inventory data adjusted automatically with every sale and product delivery.

  • Reorder Alerts eliminate surprises.

All Your Accounting Bases Are Covered – And Not a Moment Wasted!

  • Integrated drivers support most popular accounting programs.

  • Enter data only once – at the point of sale.

  • Comprehensive "human error-free" reports support tax returns and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Software automatically identifies customer tax status and processes accordingly.

Imbedded, Multi-Layered Security. Protecting Your Interests 24 Hours a Day!

  • Data and select functions restricted to authorized employees.

  • Sales and system interactions tracked by employee, ensuring total accountability.

Version 5.0 for Windows

The Liquor Store Controller has moved to Windows!!  LiquorPOS is a true 32-bit program and runs under Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT.  You will be excited to find a familiar feature set with the fast and easy interface provided by a true Windows program.

Particularly on the management side, our Windows version will make entering and editing products, ordering and receiving products, managing receivables and producing reports simpler and faster.  At the point of sale, users familiar with Windows will easily “catch on” to how the software functions - making training your new employees faster.

Best of all, existing users can upgrade to our new Windows version directly from their existing program, without having to reenter any data!

In addition to the extensive feature set many have come to rely on, the Windows version will also offer:

Quicker, Easier Record Maintenance

The Windows interface allows you to move quickly with the click of your mouse through the program and through each record.  You no longer have to arrow through the menus or enter through each Inventory, Vendor and Customer record until you reach the field you want to edit. 

Frequent Buyer Program

Offer your customers discounts based on the volume of their purchases.  Each purchase awards a specified number of points, which translates to a discount on future purchases.  Use this feature to keep old customers and attract new ones.

Product and Shelf Labels

Print a variety of clear and informative shelf and product barcode labels directly from your software on any laser printer.  We’ve created a variety of labels formats, which will print on standard Avery, or Eltron labels.

Simpler Security System

Log on to the system only once and your security level is “remembered” until you log out!  Any feature you do not have clearance to use will simply deny you access.

Import and Export Data

We added an Import/Export feature which makes moving data to and from your favorite word-processing or spreadsheet software a snap.  Manage your data in any way you like.

Email Customers and Vendors

Keep in touch! We’ve added a field in the customer, vendor and employee records for an email address.  When you click on the email button in any record, the system automatically launches your email program and places the address in to “To:” line.

Clean and Pack Selected Files

You no longer have to clean and pack every file, each time you perform routine maintenance. Now you can run a routine clean and pack, which does only the files used the most, a selective which does a particular file you might be having a problem with or a full set, which does every file as in the current system.

Create Promotion Lists

Now you can make a list of products you wish to put on promotion instead of pulling up every item one by one.  From the product list, you simply tag the items you wish to put on promotion and once the list is complete the system will load those items for you to enter the appropriate sale information for each.

Pictures on Product, Customer, Employee and Vendor Records

Add pictures to your product, customer, employee and vendor records.  This gives you more information to give to a customer inquiring about a particular product and an easy way to identify the people you do business with.

Download Demo ~19MB


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