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Click to enlargeID TECH™ MiniMag™ Swipe Reader

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$69.00Interface Tracks Color Qty:
Fits in tight places.

The MiniMag Intelligent Swipe Reader is designed for POS and desktop applications where space is at a premium. The entire credit card reader is just 90mm long (about the length of a credit card), giving it the smallest footprint of any unit with comparable features.

Edits and formats data.

The MiniMag is a fully intelligent magnetic stripe reader that can be programmed to divide, rearrange, edit, and validate fields of entered data. It can also automatically distinguish AAMVA and CA DMV formats.

Versitile, low cost.

The MiniMag Intelligent Swipe Reader delivers exeptional functionality and value in the smallest possible package. It can be used as a free-standing unit, or permanently mounted with threaded inserts on the bottom of the reader. TTL, RS-232, and keyboard wedge interfaces are available.

Low power, goes anywhere.

The port-powered MiniMag needs no separate power supply, so there's no power cable to route, and no need for an AC outlet. It's ideal for portable or laptop applications, and since its maximum power requirement is lower than most comparable units, it works with more computers. The MiniMag reads all DMV-formatted stripes in both directions, and supports all three tracks at 210 BPI and 7 bit format.

Transmits faster, more accurately.

With the port-powered MiniMag, there are no long pauses during data transmission, so you can transmit faster at the same baud rate. The MiniMag also supports the standard X-ON/X-OFF RS-232 handshaking protocol, so there's no risk of lost data during transmission. All in all, the port-powered MiniMag delivers exceptional value in the smallest possible package.


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