Falcon 510/515 Fixed Station Data Terminal

The Falcon 510 and 515 are the latest members of the reliable, feature rich Falcon line of industrial data collection equipment from PSC. This new rugged fixed station terminal was designed with flexibility in mind; supporting open systems architecture, an extensive set of host connectivity options and interface capabilities for a wide array of data input devices, including relay protected I/O ports. These rich features combined with an attractive price enable the Falcon 510/515 to operate in a wide variety of stand-alone and enterprise-wide data collection and system control applications.

The Falcon 510/515 has a powerful 486 class processor, running at 33MHz, and operates under DOS 6.22. The Falcon comes standard with 8Mb of RAM, 2Mb of Flash ROM, two internal PCMCIA Type I/II slots, a 15-line x 40 character mono or color display and full 69 key QWERTY keypad. Because the Falcon 510/515 uses a standard operating system, you can run applications previously developed for portable Falcon terminals or other DOS computers. You can also use popular PC development tools like PSCs Universal Program Generator to create custom applications for your data collection and system control needs.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

PSC-F510/515$1,140.00Communications Display

Click to enlargeFalcon 51X Power Supply 110V


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