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Epson TM-U590 High Speed, Multi-function Slip Printer

High performance and multifunction. The TM-U590 is the ideal slip printer for versatile slip / check / invoice applications. Loaded with functions that enable printing on a variety of slips, the TM-U590 is the best printer for hotel, bank, and restaurant applications. Print original slips and up to four copies. Insert slips smoothly, and remove them easily in the event of a paper jam. And insert even bigger slips straight as an arrow with the extended table that comes standard with each TM-U590.

Original Letter Size Slip Capability for Versatile Applications
Prints slips up to 88 columns (using 7 x 9 fonts/half dots). Because the TM-U590 supports a wide range of sales slip, check, and invoice applications thanks to the ability to handle an original and up to four copies, it is especially suited to hotel, bank, and restaurant applications.

The TM-U590 is designed with paper handling in mind. Not only is paper easy to load, but paper jams can be removed smoothly and easily. In addition, with the standard extension table, even large slips load and feed smoothly.

Fast Printing, 311 cps
The TM-U590 offers a printing speed of 311 characters per second by using bi-directional logic seeking printing. Quick issuance is the important customer service.

Superb Reliability
EPSON’s world-renowned quality and reliability are reflected in every component and mechanism of the TM-U590, ensuring products unsurpassed in performance and dependability.

The TM-U590 conforms to the world-standard EPSON ESC/POS command system. Moreover, high expandability and easy upgradability ensure efficient use of existing software assets.

NT and IT Series Connectivity

The TM-U590 can be used with EPSON’s intelligent modules, saving space and offering a broad range of application choices for your business.

TM-U590 Specifications

Print Method 9-pin, serial impact dot matrix

Print Font 7 x 9 / 9 x 9

Column capacity 88 / 66 columns

Character size 1.3 x 3.1 mm (W x H) / 1.6 x 3.1 mm (W x H) {0.05 x 0.12" / 0.06 x 0.12"}

Character set 95 Alphanumeric, 32 International, 128 x 10 Graphic
Multilingual model supports: Japanese, Chinese, or Taiwanese Kanji or Thai characters

Characters per 25.4 mm 16.7 cpi / 12.5 cpi

Print Speed 311 / 233 cps

Data Buffer 4 KB or 69 bytes

Interfaces RS-232C / Bi-directional parallel / RS-485 / USB / Connect-It

Paper Dimensions 70 to 210 x 70 to 297 mm (W x L) {2.76 to 8.27 x 2.76 to 11.69"}

Paper Thickness 0.09 to 0.36 mm {0.0035 to 0.0142"}

Copy Capability One original and four copies

Inked Ribbon ERC-31 (purple)

Power 24 VDC ± 10%

Current Consumption Approx. 1.9A (at 24 VDC)

D.K.D. Function 2 drivers

Reliability MTBF 180,000 hours
MCBF 29,000,000 lines

Overall Dimensions 252 x 266 x 185 mm (W x D x H) {9.9 x 10.5 x 7.3"}

Mass Approx. 5 kg {11.0 lb}

EMI Standards VCCI class A, FCC class A, CE marking

Safety Standards UL, CSA

Inch values are approximate. cpi: characters per 25.4 mm (characters per inch) cps: characters per second

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

TM-U590Retail Price: $808.00Your price: $612.00Select Model Cable Power Supply


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