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Click to enlargePSC Duet™ Dual Action Scanner

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One Scanner Does It All!

With the Duet™ scanner, retailers can now scan anything at the point-of-sale: small items, large bulky items, even items that aren't individually barcoded. Now retailers can enjoy speedier checkouts and increased accuracy of "scanned" data. Most items are simply presented to or swept by the scanner. Duet's unique Targeted Handheld capability eliminates the need to manually key items without barcodes, such as unpackaged or specialty products. Simply direct the scanner's pointer beam at a barcoded PLU list, target the correct item, press the trigger button, and the correct data is captured. By isolating a single barcode, Targeted Handheld capability avoids reading the wrong barcode in a cluster of items. The handheld feature also makes it convenient to read barcodes on large or bulky items.

And the Duet scanner's small size fits anywhere, and is a perfect solution for convenience stores, pharmacies - anywhere counter space is limited. Individual operators can even position the scanner to create the work environment which is most comfortable and convenient for them.

Power Supply and Cable Included


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